Meetings: Last Thursday of the month (from Feb to Nov)

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Room 10, Marlborough Boys College
Main Entrance, Stephenson St, Blenheim
Find Room 10 by entering through iron gates beside the new offices near the school hall in Stephenson St.
Turn to the doors on your right before the hall quad. Notices on the walls/doors will give some assistance.

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We cordially invite any current or prospective Apple Macintosh computer users to attend our regular meetings at the Marlborough Boys College.

For more details please contract Dan Searle, the MBC coordinator of the BMUG.


What Is The Purpose Of The BMUG?

The Blenheim Macintosh User Group is a support group for Apple Macintosh users (and prospective users) in the Marlborough region.

To this end we run the following types of sessions at regular user group meetings:

• demonstrations of new hardware and software,

• presentations by members of the group showing what they do and how they use their Macs,

• training sessions focusing on specific pieces of software,

• presentations and training on the various ways to use the Macintosh to achieve specific goals (for example creating printed photo albums, creating DVDs, publishing newsletters etc),

• general Questions and Answers session at each meeting where members can ask the group as a whole for solutions to specific problems


BMUG Mailing List

In addition to the regular meetings we also maintain an e-mail mailing list which enables members to easily keep in touch with one another, and communicate with the group as a whole outside of the regular meetings.

To join the group you must subscribe by sending an email message to the mailing list address with the Subject 'subscribe':


Once you have subscribed, you can use the mailing list by sending a mail message to the list address:


Your message will be automatically forwarded to all other subscribers on the list. When you reply to a message from the list, the message does not go back to just the original sender, but rather to the list as a whole. In this way the entire group can see, and take part in the list discussions.

If you send a message to the list with the Subject 'help' the mail ing list server will reply to you (alone) with details of the various commands that you can use.





Membership Costs

The group does not have a formal Subscription/Membership cost at the moment. However we do ask for a Gold Coin donation from everyone who attends the meetings to cover the use of the lab at Marlborough Boys College.


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